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As you are aware we are starting to see a return to increased patient numbers.

As a result of the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic we are still advised to consult remotely where possible by phone and a move to more video consultations. All our consulting rooms now have web cameras.

We continue to provide face-2-face appointments that are needed and accommodate this within the surgery whilst maintaining social distancing, patient and staff safety.

During the year we have adapted our sessions for GP’s and have made changes that we believe will help patients.

Remote Contact appointments mean that they can be either a video consultation or a telephone call. Our receptionists will check with all patients which is the best contact number for the appointment.

  • Mobile phone numbers and email addresses will be checked and added at each patient contact.
  • Video consultations can be made via a mobile phone number or an email address and the patient preference should be added.
  • It is also the responsibility of the receptionist to add a brief description of the reason for the appointment and also to update the patients contact details if required.
  • The GP will read the booking notes and action accordingly. All appointments are set up as 10 min appointments.
  • Same day remote contact slots are for urgent acute problems that cannot safely wait until the next pre-bookable appointment. These appointments are not time specific. The Receptionist when booking the appointment will give the patient a timeframe of when to expect the remote contact to take place.
  • Pre-bookable remote contact – These appointments are available for the patients to pre-book 7 & 3 days in advance by calling the surgery on 01606 544342 or via patient access. Patients will have a remote consultation from a GP this can be a video consult or telephone call, the receptionist will give the patient the option when booking the appointment – if the GP needs the patient to have tests or to be seen the GP will arrange this with the patient.
  • GP’s will send a first text to join video consult and if the patient does not respond after 5 mins then a second text is sent. If the patient still does not respond then the GP will send a text to the patient informing them that they have missed their appointment and must contact reception to re book the appointment if an appointment is still required. After two failed attempts the GP will not try again on a different number.
  • If the patient prefers a telephone call then the GP will call twice 5 mins apart. If the patient does not answer on the second call then they have missed their appointment and a text message will be sent to the patient asking them to rebook. After two failed attempts the GP will not try again on a different number.
  • It is important to let patients know that we are still open and seeing patients- but need to speak to them first.

Same day face to face (GP examination room)

  • These are for the GP’s to use to arrange a time to see patients face 2 face from their telephone or video consultations – the GP will book the patients in to the GP examination room timed slots. GP’s will advise patients to wear a face covering when attending the surgery.
  • The GP who has spoken to the patient is responsible for checking they have no covid-19 symptoms before entering the GP examination room. The GP will check your temperature and ask you some questions before guiding the patient to the GP examination room.
  • Any patient with potential covid-19 symptoms will be advised to arrange a covid-19 test by calling 119 or visiting NHS111 online.

At present all patients who come to the surgery to see a GP are seen in the GP examination room.

E-consult – This is an online form via the Weaverham Surgery website that the patient can complete. This form can be completed for medical advice or administration help. We request that all sick note/Fit notes are requested via E-Consult with as much detail as possible.

The e-consult form can be completed by the patient in their own time.

  • All e-consults will be actioned within 2 working days.
  • You will receive a reply to the E-Consult by one of the following methods, a direct reply via e-consult (email) , a text message from the GP, the reception team or a call directly from the GP
  • Any E-Consults received after 4pm will be added to the GP’s list the next working day.
  • All e-consults will be added to the patient’s medical record.


If you cannot keep an appointment please let us know as soon as possible by calling 01606 544342.

Prescription/Medication Queries

Please contact the surgery after 11am

Fit for Work Notes (Sick Notes)

You can complete a self-certification note for the first 7 days of absence off work, GP’s do not do notes for the first 7 days of absence from work or can charge a fee if a note is requested.

If you have been in hospital/A+E or outpatients- the hospital should provide you with a Fit Note for the length of time you require off work- please ask A+E/hospital/outpatients to provide you with a fit note.

Blood Results

These can take up to a week to be available after you have had your blood test; some more specialized tests can take up to 6 weeks to be available.

  • The doctor will comment on all blood results and you will only be contacted if the doctor requests us to. You will not be contacted if your blood tests are normal.
  • Reception can only read the comments the doctor has put on the tests and cannot discuss them with you.