NHS Health Check Invite

NHS Health Check Invite

NHS Health Check Invite

The NHS Health Check is a check of your cardiovascular health.

Aimed at adults in England aged 40 to 74, it works out your risk of developing some of the most disabling but preventable illnesses- Stroke and Heart Disease.

Think of your NHS Health Check as being your “5 yearly MOT”. It checks that some of your body’s most important systems are all running smoothly.

Every year, the NHS Health Check is expected to help:

  • save 650 lives
  • prevent 1,600 heart attacks and strokes
  • prevent 4,000 people from developing type 2 diabetes
  • detect at least 20,000 cases of type 2 diabetes or kidney disease earlier

We will check your blood pressure & weight and calculate your risk of cardiovascular disease- the results will be given to you. 

If you would like your NHS Health Check please contact our reception team.

NHS Health Check Invite

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