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The Mail Online reports that “Diet and exercise are better than drugs at controlling type 2 diabetes”. The Mail Online
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The Royal College of GPs' are running a new '3 before GP' campaign. This campaign is about getting patients to ask
The common cold, although frustrating, is a mild viral infection that usually clears up on its own within a week
Christmas can one of the busiest times of the year for everyone which is why NHS South Cheshire Clinical Commissioning
“Millions of people are set to benefit from the first new migraine drug in 20 years,” reports the Mail Online.
Public Health England have issued advice to the public as a result of a measles outbreaks in 3 areas of
Your local Pharmacy offers a minor ailments service providing advice and treatment for the following conditions: Conjunctivitis Cystitis Impetigo Scabies
The National Institute for Health Research would like to understand more about patient experience of clinical research taking placing in
Unfortunately, at the present time Weaverham Surgery is unable to accept patients requests via e mail. The Surgery cannot support
You can be fighting off many minor illnesses this winter yourself, at home, by embracing Self Care for Life. Next